Wednesday, 18 August 2021


Was cleaning out my folder for my film-making class that I teach for Nassau Community adult education. I found this lovely note written by one of my former students. Kindness like this just delights me, it really does make you feel like you've accomplished something. Not sure what came of this student but one only wishes the best for her.

Monday, 3 May 2021

Joe Marzano - A Filmmakers Odyssey That Lead Nowhere is coming to the Cinefear blog spot early Summer. If you are a fan of books like The Ghastly One, then you are going to love my essay on working with old Joe. Get ready and hold on to your seats, I'm going to blow you away with this one. Get yer Marzano on!
Wow, look who's dancing her little heart into your laps. Freaks in the Theater. Coming late Summer to Deep Red Magazine. Get yer Freak on!
Don't tell me I don't give you anything. This is from my film scrapbook. Back in the late 70's, I had read The Amityville Horror. Great read at the time. One of the stupidest pieces of bullshit by today's standards. Regardless, I believe my copy of the book had a "join the fan club for the upcoming film". I only received this one letter, giving details about the film, etc... AIP did go out of business shortly there after, despite the success of this film. Anyhow, I saved the letter and the envelope it came in on. Not sure how rare this is, but I have yet to have someone share there's with me. I have this great scrapbook I compiled during the early 1980's. My then girlfriend persuaded me to start one. I'm glad I did. Now I have to see if I can get my librarian wife to help me fix it up as it is coming apart. Michelle Alexander got to go through my scrapbook in person when she visited some years back. If she was here I'd have her fixing it up. I like the first Amityville Horror film, but it is stupid beyond belief. The fact that people believed that sociopath Lutz blows my mind. In my opinion, the second film, detailing the event that lead up to the first film is far better. I live about 15 minutes from Amityville today. My wife lived in Massapequa, about five minutes away from that house of horrors. Anyhow, enjoy!

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Major congrats to me today. For the past ten years I've been working on the screenplay for Rasputin on Campus, a film that I formulated in my head back in college in the late 80's. I had borrowed a video tape of Rasputin- The Mad Monk from Howard Carson, one of the co-owners of the Magic Shop in Hicksville. He was also one of the earliest guys to boot Hammer films from 16mm transfers. Anyhow, I loved the film so much that I dreamed up an opening and an ending for a film to be called Rasputin on Campus. Long story short, a revived Rasputin becomes a history teacher on a New England college campus circa 1950's. 
In 2010, I shot a promotional trailer for the film (it's on Facebook under my videos, it's on YouTube and it's on the current DVD re-releases of Bloody Ape and Blitzkrieg. It's also on this blog site). At that point, I started writing the film. Then Christina and I found ourselves on the run, we were losing the apartment we had and decided it was house time, no more renting. Needless to say, the screenplay took a back seat. Once we found a house and moved in, I tried picking up the screenplay again and suddenly it was "house fix up time"...screenplay took a back seat. On top of that, I had to up my game with teaching and presentations, so my spare time went bye bye.
Now, in the past year or so some breathing room started to happen. Christina challenged me this Winter to complete the screenplay by March. I did. I finished it yesterday. I love to write, but I'm often distracted. Bloody Ape was written by both myself and George Reis. We actually wrote it as we shot it. A very pleasant experience. Blitzkrieg I wrote myself, took over a year to complete. Felt like work. Of the fourth coming Three Slices of Delirium, Christina and I co-wrote two stories together, I wrote the third. Very pleasant. Rasputin on Campus was all me, I always had the opening and closing in my head, but the middle was murder. Hence a screenplay ten years in the making. 
Both Three Slices of Delirium and Rasputin on Campus are period pieces. They would be expensive to make. Christina and I do have an 'ace in the hole" screenplay we are going to co-write this Summer, that one should be able to be done on nothing. Always have a back up. And going forward, drumming up funds for Three Slices and Rasputin. It's a long, long road!


Friday, 26 March 2021


With Easter a week away, and America in the condition it's in, lets remember the incredible Estus Pirkle and his prediction for America in 1968 with his famous sermon, If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? Ron Ormond turned this sermon into an epic piece of Cinema. Watch it and see what will happen in the next four years! You'll thank me later....