The Esquire Theater - A collection of Newspaper clippings 1960's / 70's

The Esquire Theater, which was located on 209 Superior St. Toledo, Ohio was a movie theater that showed mainstream Hollywood product since 1941. It closed in 1964, and then it re-opened as a burlesque house come 1965. It apparently operated as a burlesque house that featured night time showings of softcore adult films later to switching to hardcore once the market changed. It continued on this way until at least the late 1970's. A newspaper article still refers to it as a burlesque house come 1977. It closed in 1978. It was re-opened in the early 90's as a rock club venue. It was called The Bijou and later The Asylum. It was then closed and demolished in 2007. The following clippings are from a local Ohio newspaper advertising the Esquire Theater  during it's burlesque/adult film years.