Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Ode to Larry Cohen

Alright, as you know I usually don't say much when a celebrity in the film field passes away, death for the most part is a natural occurrence and you gotta roll with it. But I will tell two interesting Larry Cohen stories. First, when I was in college (so we are talking '84 through 88) one of the film professors spotted this notice on the wall of one of the film labs we used when processing film. This guy, being a natural born asshole, brought the notice in and hung it in the classroom. Upon seeing it, I tore it off the wall and taped it to my note book. It's been taped to this same note book for over 30 years now. I viewed it at the time as a challenge. I was pissed off, I thought it was obnoxious and I might have been one of maybe three students who knew who Cohen was and enjoyed his work. But I was furious, where as now I see the irony and the humor in it. Anyhow, I've made two feature films of my own, both getting a redux re-release on DVd this Summer, so in many ways I've had the last laugh. Remember folks, obstacles make for the best launching pads, this piece was designed in many ways to make people work harder, and it certainly did that for me!
Story number 2. Just a few years back, I was offering a made for TV movie called "See China and Die" through my site Cinefear. It was written and directed by Cohen. Anyhow, I get a letter in my P.O. Box from Larry Cohen. I figured "Oh shit, a cease and desist notice". No, it wasn't that at all. He was delighted I was offering it, he didn't have a copy and wanted one. Well, I gave him far more than one and told him whenever he needed any, just write me. He did, a year later, requesting a few more. He couldn't have been kinder. He would send me pictures of him on the set of his films, autographed. I even sent him the obnoxious proclamation he wrote and told him how mad I was about it, yet how important it was in helping me move on and do what I do...Anyhow Larry, God's speed and thanks for the push, I needed it!

Monday, 14 January 2019

Cinefear Video - 29 years in business and still going!


Milligan's Weirdo hits disc this January with commentary by Keith Crocker!

Once again 2019 starts off with a bang....Here my Golden voice once again as I give commentary to one of Andy Milligan's last films Weirdo-The Beginning. Currently available on disc thanks to Garage House Pictures. Pick it up over at Diabolic DVD.  I have lots of experience when it comes to Milligan, those of you who have read the articles on the Exploitation Journal as well as the Cinefear website know I'm the "go to" guy. Buy this and find out why!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Check out our latest batch of classic 8mm loops, this latest series directed by the unaccredited but incredible talented (though some might fight us on that assertion) Edward D. Wood Jr. That's right folks, this compilation features some of the last cinematic work ever directed by Mr. Plan 9 himself. Ed Wood essentially laid down the ground work for the 8mm home movie industry. Here what Mr. John Harrison has to say about this collection!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Hear my commentary on the Trailer Trauma 2 - Drive-In Monsterama Blu Ray :

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